Dr. Nancy Van Laeken M.D., F.R.C.S.C.


Second Stage Breast Reconstruction

Revision Breast Reconstruction, Delayed Reconstruction, and Second Stage Breast Reconstruction. 


As the techniques for reconstructing a breast after a mastectomy continue to advance, there are many alternatives available today to enhance the outcome of a previous surgery for breast cancer. There are new implants available that provide a more natural shape and feel to the breasts.  In addition to that, techniques for lipo filling of cosmetic defects to the breast, post-mastectomy, are improving.  This provides an opportunity to contour the breast that was never possible previously.


Some women do not have the opportunity to undergo reconstruction at time of their mastectomy or some women have had a reconstruction that they are now finding is not cosmetically acceptable to them.  By seeking an opinion from a plastic surgeon with experience in breast reconstruction, many of these patients can be provided options for improvement.  This not only enhances self-confidence, if the breast reconstruction is more aesthetically pleasing, but can often also eliminate the inconvenience of trying to appear balanced in clothing when the breasts are asymmetrical.


Another concern that some women have post-reconstruction is related to the comfort of the reconstruction. In some instances the implant can become encapsulated with scar tissue, which can be associated with pain.  There can also be pain associated with previous radiation treatments and tightness to the skin which can be addressed surgically with fat grafting and scar releases.


All of these modalities are available to patients and having a consultation with a plastic surgeon experienced in this field will provide the patient with an opportunity to consider revisional surgery.


At this time Dr Van Laeken is seeing second opinion breast reconstruction patients privately at the Specialist Referral Clinic. Patients can call the Specialist Referral Clinic directly at 604-737-7464 and the patient coordinators will be delighted to assist booking a consultation.



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