Dr. Nancy Van Laeken M.D., F.R.C.S.C.


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Registered Nurse
Dermal Filler Specialist and Skin Care Consultant
Lap Band and Tissue Expander Clinical Specialist

Ramona offers more than 25 years of experience to Dr. Van Laeken’s patients with her clinical expertise in both Perioperative and Critical Care Nursing. She has assisted Dr. Van Laeken in the operating room in the past and now provides in office education and support for all your surgical needs as well as guide you with your nonsurgical alternatives and skin care. Our Registered Nurse has also received specialty training in the adjustment of Lap Bands and Tissue Expanders. Ramona has been perfecting the art of dermal fillers and Botox to create natural looking results for over 10 years.


MSP Coordinator

With her excellent organization and communication skills, Melissa coordinates all your hospital procedures. She is sensitive to the nature of these procedures and works closely with different hospitals and multiple agencies to ensure your immediate needs are acknowledged and tended to. Melissa has been a strong contributor to the Van Laeken team for over 10 years.

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