Dr. Nancy Van Laeken M.D., F.R.C.S.C.



 Potential Complication Definitions


Hematoma – Blood can gather under the skin and cause a blood clot. If this does occur, Dr. Van Laeken can drain the area. Indications of a hematoma are a firm, painful lump that causes colour change in the skin. This rarely occurs after 48 hours post operatively.

Infection – Signs of infection are localized heat, redness, fever, and pain. Dr. Van Laeken can prescribe antibiotics to treat the infection. Occasionally the area will need to be drained.

Facial Weakness or Paralysis – Some branches of your facial nerves could have their function compromised due to swelling. It is very rare, however the weakness and paralysis could be permanent.

Hypersensitivity / Numbness – The sensation of the face, neck, and ears could be altered temporarily or permanently.

Skin Loss – This occurs when the skin doesn’t get enough oxygen, smoking often contributes to skin loss.

Alopecia – Temporary and Permanent hair loss can occur around the scars.

Keloid Scarring – Keloid scars are thick, wide, or raised scars.

Asymmetry – Symmetry is not always achieved.


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