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Several months following the nipple graft procedure, tattooing is performed by Alannah Lane from Avalon Spa and Wellness Centre here at Dr. Van Laeken’s office. The initial consultation and first treatment is performed at the first appointment. The areola/nipple is matched with the appropriate skin tone pigments and tattooed for permanent results. This takes less that 1 hour and you can resume your normal activities afterwards. If you opt for a local anaesthetic, the area will remain “frozen” for approximately one hour following the procedure.


Unilateral $125
Bilateral $175

Caring For Your Tattoo

Leave the dressing on for 5-7 days before removing. You may shower with the dressing in place. You may notice some of the pigment and a small amount of blood through the dressing, this is normal. Do not aggressively rub the area. After the dressing is removed the skin will appear dry with some scabbing. Do not pick at these areas as it could result in pigment loss. Use a gentle moisturizer such as Lanolin cream on the area. Avoid soaking in the bathtub, a hot tub or swimming pool (chlorine may contribute to fading of the tattoo). Also, avoid tanning beds and limit your exposure to sunlight. Use sunscreen as necessary. The tattoo may appear dark at first but will lighten over the next 3 months.

This is considered the final stage of the reconstructive process. It is important to be aware that there will be a decreased nipple sensation in the reconstructed breast when compared to a natural nipple.


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